The Path to Pursue Green Energy

The United States is coming to a fork in the road, with each side that is wrought with certain opportunities. There is one path that is lined with the familiar oil rigs and coal mines. This path has propelled us forward with fossil fuels and has made America the amazing nation that it is today. Yet, as prosperous as this path has been for the American people, we look farther down this path to see that the air and water are dirty and the citizens are suffering from higher costs associated with a limited supply of these fuels.

The other path set out before America has skies that are less smoggy, lower energy costs, and many new jobs. This is the path that is offered by green energy. However, it would be unrealistic for me to say that taking this path is going to be easy. As Americans, we have a powerful addiction that must first be cured, and a change in thinking that must occur. After all, the full investiture into green energy will require initial costs and sacrifices that some people are unwilling to make.

Some have said that sustainable green energy is so far off in the future that we would be mad to pursue it headlong, but to that I say look at the strides we have made already. Small towns around America have implemented solar panels to obtain free energy for street lights. We have solar farms sprouting up around the nation and homeowners who made investments into solar power so that they can live cleaner. Wind farms and hydro power are the next step on the path to green energy, where we can take cues from other nations around the world to ensure that we get off to a proper start. All we need is the dedication and courage of the American people to start down this path.

The path towards green energy is one that can change the way that we live forever. Inexpensive, truly sustainable energy is closer to our grasp than ever before. If we can dedicate ourselves to pursuing new green energies we can clean up our waters, restore the ozone, and offer jobs to Americans as energy is made by the people and for the American people. Rather than view green energy as nothing more than a dream, I believe that it is time for everyone to look into the incredible possibilities offered by sustainable forms of green energy.

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