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That noise you hear is the sound of newspaper’s doors shutting down around the country. Hopefully, when I can get my 13 year old, Casey, to show me how to download a “door shutting” sound, you’ll actually hear it, but suffice it to say, the print media is becoming a thing of the past – much like Wes Clark’s Vice Presidential possibilities or like my column – “All The News That’s Fit To Spoof” – which ended years of run on the Sunday oped page at the Los Angeles Daily News last week due to budget and space considerations.


So now, tired of making little writing for so many others, STEVE YOUNG ON POLITICS was begot, a blog where Steve Young can make little writing for himself…and you. Don’t look around. I’m talking to you.


Politics is a strange bedfellow. Sometimes it’s prime for satire and other times, the reality is so rich with satire, it calls for serious commentary. Then again, sometimes it just wants to have sex with you. See what I did with the bedfellow reference. Too soon?


Point is, STEVE YOUNG ON POLITICS will be all over the place, so when you decide to drop in, don’t wear anything nice. Check back regularly because I have so many important things to say that you’ll need to know to get through the day. Your only cost, until Casey can show me how to charge you, is to comment on what you read here or suggest what I might better do with my life.


So enjoy. I will attempt to keep the writing on a level that makes you proud to be a reader, or if you only pick up on politics for the pictures and erotica, proud to be one sick puppy.