Scarborough Hired as “Daily Show” Head Writer

June 13, 2009 · Filed Under Bill O'Reilly, Fox News, Kind of Satire, Media 

After a week of using various Joe Scarborough video on his Daily Show, Jon Stewart decided to take the natural next step. He hired him.

“With Bush out we were starving for a consistent source of hysterical content,” said Stewart. “We thought we found it with Jim Cramer, but he was just too much of a loose cannon. Then Joe Scarborough shows up and nothing our staff came up with provided as much killer stuff as Joe was giving us. We first thought of hiring the Morning Joe writers until we found out that Joe was coming up with the gags himself.

Stewart says he was impressed with Scarborough’s ability to come up with a new bits at the drop of a hat, tee it up and knock it out of the park.

“In one week he gave us the satirical shilling for their new sponsor, Starbucks, including a hysterically spoofy fawning interview with Starbuck CEO, Howard Schultz. Then he gives us the ‘Stewart is Napoleon bit,” followed almost instantaneously with his brilliant ‘I never said  the Homeland Security memo was targeting conservatives’ when there was a tape of him saying just that.

On his own show yet. That takes comedy balls bigger than Carrot Top’s, but more important, with all that material, I was able to give half my staff off that week.”

“Up till this time, congressmen, former and present, seem to only provide the easy gay joke,” said MSNBC satirical expert, Pat Buchanan, “but Scarborough has proven to be a virtual well of comedy subject matter.”

“We had wanted to hire the entire Fox News lineup on staff but FCC regulations put a stop to that,” said Stewart.  “Plus combining an entire network with another can destroy both.  UPN and WB proved that.  Getting Joe is like having O’Reilly and Beck combined, but without anyone wanting to go out and kill.”




3 Responses to “Scarborough Hired as “Daily Show” Head Writer”

  1. Garry on June 13th, 2009 1:47 pm

    Love the last line. In the spirit of Joe Scarborough, ‘Good to the last joke!’

  2. Norma Hepp on June 16th, 2009 7:50 pm

    I found the last couple of shows disapointing
    Is this because of Scarborough?

  3. Steve Young on June 17th, 2009 1:12 am


    I’m afraid so.


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