Steve Young On Politics | 3 Reasons why we need young leaders in politics
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3 Reasons why we need young leaders in politics

3 Reasons why we need young leaders in politics

Politics has always been viewed as something only old, wise and experienced people do with the years of knowledge gathered and their expertise on the subject. Their ability to perceive the problems that people face and to find the appropriate solutions for these problems by using their wisdom is what sets politicians apart from others. They are the people’s voice and should stand by the people at all times. Politicians are messengers that convey the people’s opinion to the authorities or simply the government bodies. But there is a popular opinion rising among the millennials that, politicians may be wise and experienced but cannot possibly understand the problems that this generation faces. It’s high time that we have young leaders that expresses the views of the younger generation to the authorities. Here are three reasons why we need more young leaders in politics.

1.They can connect with people of all ages

Young people understand and perceive life in a different way and look at problems from a different angle. They are able to recognize situations better, take control of them and solve them quicker by using all the resources available and get it done faster because they know that the longer a problem exists, the more suffering it causes. Young leaders are strong and cannot be fooled easily, they make decisions using logic and reasoning and have the capacity to remain calm during any calamity. In short, young leaders are what every country badly requires.


There have been rapid advancements powered by technology in the political sector from moving to electronic voting machines from ballets to having the votes counted in a short time, technology has paved way for a faster and better political system in all countries. Young leaders can make use of technology to its maximum potential to find solutions to everyday problems faster than ever. For example after elections in Russia and Turkey, both of which were widely considered to be rigged, many voting poll stations reported on the fact that no credit checks are carried out meaning that voters could potentially vote more than once. Technology and young leaders can make a big difference in our society because the current generation revolves around technology and it is an important tool with which a young leader can make a huge impact on the lives of a lot of people who are still searching for justice to a government that does not understand them.

3.Reduce corruption

For far too long tainted politicians have built an empire by unjust means by robbing the common man off of what little they earn while simultaneously stealing from the government in the name of budget or other plans. The only thing these politicians care about is how heavy their pocket is and how much more can it hold. They do not give a flying frick about the welfare of the society or its people as long as them and their families remain happy and well fed. This is why we need young just leaders that can put an end to this corruption and stand with the society to make it better for each of us to live in.


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